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Stress affects my overall sleep quality. Some nights, my mind races and it's difficult for me to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night. I would love to sleep better at night — and through the night — more often.

Stress wears me out and makes me feel sluggish. Some days I can’t stay on the ball at work or school because stress zaps the motivation out of me. I need more energy and something to help me stay focused and on the right track throughout the day.

Getting stressed out makes me feel down in the dumps. Sometimes I might have mild changes in my mood or feel a little bit depressed. I feel like I need a more positive outlook and better mood throughout the day.

Stress makes me feel nervous and on edge. I worry more, feel more anxious and may even have an occasional panic attack when my stress load is higher than normal. I need to feel calmer and more relaxed during the day.

We all experience everyday stress a little differently...

This wellness quizlet will help you find out which formulas are right for you and your family!

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